Promoting Earth Observation to schools since 2007

Since 2007, ERATOSTHENES Research Centre at the Cyprus University of Technology supports schools participating in national and European research competitions. Currently, through ‘EXCELSIOR’ project and ERATOSTHENES Centre of Excellence, our activities with schools are more powerful in passion and enthusiasm!

Promoting Earth Observation to schools through ‘EXCELSIOR’ & ERATOSTHENES Centre Excellence

Our aim is to support students during their first contact with research, science and technology and encourage them to become young researchers in the sector of Remote Sensing and Earth Observation. We are ready to support groups of students to participate in school competitions such as:

  • Stockholm Junior Water Prize
  • Cyprus Contest for Young Scientists
  • Competitions ΜΕΡΑ ΤΕΚΕ

Students participate in research competitions by forming working groups and are guided by their teachers. In addition, researchers from the ‘EXCELSIOR’ & ERATOSTHENES Centre Excellence are also involved to guide the group through meetings and communication and assist them during all stages of their research work. These include the study of relative publications, set the question/hypothesis, design the experimental methodology, observation and analysis of the results and finally, conclusions and dissemination of the outcomes of the study.

Our initiatives and actions include:

  • School visits
  • Science Cafes
  • Workshops / Seminars
  • Annual participation to the Researcher’s night
  • Collaboration with the Cyprus Children’s Parliament

Our initiatives align with the Cyprus Space Strategy 2022-2027, which aims to transform Cyprus into a ‘Society of Information’ by leveraging modern space technologies, skills, and infrastructure. This strategic vision is part of the national goal to establish Cyprus as a central digital hub in the Eastern Mediterranean region.

One of Cyprus’ priorities in space is Earth Observation. Activities which fall under the ERATOSTHENES for Schools initiative aim to make a meaningful impact in the following key areas:

  • Promoting Remote Sensing and Earth Observation
  • Promoting Innovation and research
  • Creating new jobs opportunities
  • Improving education of young engineers
  • Skills development


Copernicus Academy (ESA), MedRIN (NASA), FabSpace, etc.

Funded Projects

Erasmus+ – SPACE EDUnity: Creating student communities for the integration of crowdsourcing data, remote sensing and geoinformatics aiming to mitigation of climate change.

Erasmus+ – ReSENSE: Empower companies and organizations through seminars, workshops, and other events on the topics of remote sensing and data analysis, geographic information systems, information and communication technology, internet of things, and machine learning/artificial intelligence, mainly for environmental applications.

ESA PECS – SOFIA: Schools’ encouragement in educatiOn and outreach oF Earth surveIllance And remote sensing

ESA PECS – SOFIA: Schools’ encouragement in educatiOn and outreach oF Earth surveIllance And remote sensing

H2020 – CopHub.AC: Copernicus Academy Hub for Knowledge, Innovation and Outreach

Photo gallery from our visits to schools through EXCELSIOR since October 2019:

#Copernicus Academy #CopHub.AC #Science Café #Researchers Night

This project has received funding from the Government of the Republic of Cyprus through the “Directorate General for European Programmes, Coordination and and Development”.
This project has received funding from the European Union’s “Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme” under Grant Agreement No 857510”.
This project is co-funded by the Cyprus University of Technology.