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The ERATOSTHENES Centre of Excellence (ERATOSTHENES CoE) provides an inspiring environment for carrying out high calibre multidisciplinary research in the thematic areas of Earth Observation (EO) and Geoinformatics, towards the improved understanding, management, and monitoring of natural resources and infrastructures, and the provision of expert services and products of excellent quality in line with the latest developments in remote sensing, related geospatial and/or other advanced technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence and Big Earth Data Analytics.

The research activities and priorities of the ERATOSTHENES CoE are distributed in three (3) departments, i.e., the Department of Environment and Climate, the Resilient Society Department and the Department of Big Earth Data Analytics, and their relative thematic research areas/clusters.

The interdisciplinary collaboration between the industry, the public sector, academia, and research organizations in areas of regional and international significance is highly encouraged by the ERATOSTHENES CoE, bringing together researchers specializing in various research topics, such as Climate Change monitoring, Atmosphere, Agriculture, Water Resource management, Disaster Risk Reduction, Cultural Heritage, Marine Safety and Security, and Access to Energy. This together with the state-of-the-art infrastructure established, will assist ERATOSTHENES CoE to provide holistic solutions to a wide range of critical issues, identified in collaboration with stakeholders and end-users.

Overall, the Research Functional Area of the ERATOSTHENES CoE is responsible for:

  • The science and research conducted within the ERATOSTHENES CoE clusters and departments, and in collaboration with regional, European and international partners.
  • The production of peer reviewed research publications, and participation in international conferences, workshops, and fora.
  • The support for drafting and submitting high calibre research project proposals for attracting new funds from national, European, and International competitive funding sources.
  • The execution of new research and innovation projects.
  • The customisation, calibration, and scientific use of the ERATOSTHENES CoE infrastructure.

Research at ERATOSTHENES CoE is overseen by the Research Coordinator, who is responsible for guiding and monitoring the overall scientific progress of the Centre, with the assistance of two researchers, who together comprise the Research Coordination team of the ERATOSTHENES CoE.


Research Coordinator

This project has received funding from the Government of the Republic of Cyprus through the “Directorate General for European Programmes, Coordination and and Development”.
This project has received funding from the European Union’s “Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme” under Grant Agreement No 857510”.
This project is co-funded by the Cyprus University of Technology.